Granite Countertops Need Maintenance and Care

Granite is a natural stone product installed in kitchens as countertops. Granite countertops make excellent kitchen workstation as these are available in rich colors, unique patterns, and enormous strength.  The low maintenance, exotic looks, and almost non-porous qualities make it the right choice as kitchen countertops.

Cleaner: a regular cleaning with a mild detergent followed by water and then a dry cloth maintains the shine and versatility of the countertop for years. Ideally a neutral, pH-balanced cleaner is used. It is formulated to remove residues from cooking oils and everyday food-spills. Specially formulated cleaners remove cosmetic-spots or spots out of hair sprays. Care should be taken to keep toiletries with acidic effects like perfumes, toothpaste, and mouthwash away from countertops. Acids damage the stone surface and degrade the sealer.

However, accidents do happen. Then it is best to take proper steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Timely care will nullify the effects of accident. Blot the spill there and then. Take care to not to spread the spill. Then the effects will not be so high. Do not spread the spill with a towel. Instead, dry it with tissue or soaking kitchen cloth. Spray the area generously with neutral granite countertop cleaner.  Soak the excess cleaner and wipe off with a clean dry cloth. This is the best solution for liquid spills.

Food spills with acidic flavor cause harm to granite slabs. One should scoop the food with a plastic spoon. Blot the spot with clean dry cloth. Spray that area with natural stone cleaner available in the market. And wipe off excess again with clean dry cloth. Care should be taken that the affected area does not extend more to keep the damage to a minimum level.

Granite Countertops are affected most by juices like orange juice, lime juice, vinegar, tomato juice and alike. Such products etch the countertops and leave the place looking dull and damaged. Maintain the finish by professional refinishing. Restore stone’s natural finish and maintain it with proper cleaning and refinishing.

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Mud causes a lot of damage if it falls on granite countertops. Take necessary steps to let dry the mud, and remove it with a soft plastic brush. Spray the area with a small amount of neutral stone cleaner and wipe the excess with a clean dry cloth.

Wall cladding with granite tiles looks very ethnic, stylish and exorbitant. They need proper care regularly. A personal touch to cleaning will add life and glamour togranite tiles’ walls with time. People have the granite tiles cleaned regularly with neutral granite cleaner. Cleaner is wiped-off with water and dried with a clean cloth.

Granite tiles are also used for wall cladding in the kitchens. Then it is most essential to clean the area near the cooking top twice a day. In case of oil spills or an oil stain from butter, use a poultice. Poultice wicks-up the stain from deep within the stone and leaves the area looking afresh again.

Spills do occur in homes. And there is a solution to every problem including granite countertop and tiles spills. Take necessary measures and maintain the life and look of granite, lifetime.

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